The Spiritual Teachings of Dishara are for all mankind.

Those who wish to follow a spiritual path for their own personal betterment will find that the Spiritual Teachings of Dishara are simple and easy to apply to achieve spiritual growth. These teachings are timeless, and offer a full and complete understanding of LOVE in it’s unique simplicity.

Anyone can start their spiritual journey at any age.  There are no boundaries here to separate one person from any other, and your journey can be exciting and as challenging as you want it to be.

To begin, let’s look at three vital qualities that we need to help us on our spiritual journey. The first quality to cultivate is Compassion, and the second and equally important quality is Humility. But without Wisdom, the first two are useless! And let’s not confuse Compassion with pity, for there is no room for pity. You see, pity can degrade a person who may be struggling to find positive esteem.

Humility has no ego.  It does not need to boast or seek attention. I does not need reward of any kind, because it is a large part of Spiritual Love.

Wisdom is your inner spiritual guidance to follow. Wisdom will tell you the difference between falsehood and truth. It will show you when someone is being false verbally, or in deeds. People will sometimes do things for you to manipulate an outcome that they want, and they may not consciously realise this themselves if it has been their way since childhood. I think all children at one time or another found their way around their parents if they wanted something.  Some never grow out of this behavior. Wisdom tells us to be aware, and Wisdom also teaches us to think before we speak.

These Spiritual Teachings are just a very small part of Dishara’s role on this earth. While as I said these Teachings are “timeless” – meaning unrelated to time as we humans know it – it is only NOW that they are being placed in the public domain, and this is because people are searching harder then ever for answers because they have recognized a need in themselves for truth. It is important to recognize the differences between needs and wants and how this affects one’s search for Self in a spiritual way and not in a selfish way. We believe there is a real need for simplicity in our earthly aspirations to develop spirituality. 

Dishara is versatile, and includes insights into Spiritual Awareness, Spiritual Healing and Spiritual Knowledge to explain the vast differences between spirituality and psychism.

Some people fear the word Karma. Please don’t be one of them as there is a beautiful positive balance with Karma. Unfortunately, there are many so-called guru’s using the word Karma to manipulate, to be seen as all-knowing and wise. So all I can say to that is that they don’t believe in Karma, but will use it as a tool to create the outcome wanted. Sad, isn’t it?

Dishara’s Teachings say: Be yourself, accept yourself, and GET ON WITH YOUR OWN SPIRITUAL JOURNEY.

The Spiritual Teachings of Dishara will teach you more about yourself and where your strengths really are, and the wisdom you develop out of that spiritual knowledge will help you to understand and accept yourself, as well as others. Spiritual Love is accepting who you are, AND who you can be spiritually. It also helps you to accept others and NOT expect them to be or think like you.

The Spiritual Teaching of Dishara will be continually placed on this website for you to think about, and if you so choose, to apply them and enjoy the benefits of personal growth.